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The team performance and appraisal app that keeps track of and measures REAL time performance… in a Fast, Easy and FUN way

With hundreds of clients giving us feedback on their performance enhancement and measurement needs, Squadli was created. There were 5 factors that were the most important…

Squadli Products

Measure and Manage Performance in 14 seconds


Have Fun, Save Time, and Accurately Measure Individual Performance while Motivating Team Members to Perform Better.


Gamification and work or student high performance are linked. Measurement is a key factor in this, every game has a form of measurement. Look at Facebook, each LIKE is a measure, each share is an even bigger measure, how many comments nd the type of comment – another measure… and each of these linked to an emotional gratification.


Squadli measures how you feel about performance at a given time and how that is linked to specific Organizational or Learning behavior. It also provides opportunities to reward excellence within those behavior with specific awards.

Squadli Simplicity

Because if it’s complicated, it will not be effective

3 steps and 19 seconds is all it takes to create a dated, behavior related performance reference and motivate or correct a team member. Instantly see primary contributions to behavior and problem areas on your mobile, and see full details on the dashboard to show a full years (or any other time period) results at a glance. View the graph and instantly see if there are performance drops to look into Before it’s too late. And… everything is to be connected to one of the company’s primary behavior easily.

Squadli Encouragement

Because if it’s not fun, it will not motivate implementation

Developed by Arthur Carmazzi (Global Top 10 Leadership Guru), we have incorporated the psychology, motivational and gamification factors to maximize the benefit to your team and your organization. We process achievement or failure emotionally so Squadli uses Emoji to share how you feel. Emoji provide instant recordable feedback that, if positive, is motivating, and if negative, is non-confrontational while supporting improvement. , supports reinforcement of positive behavior with awards. Team Ranks also contribute to the desire to improve or stay on top. Improved motivation and gamification means more fun, more fun means people actually use it

Squadli Scoring

Because if it’s not measurable, it loses the potential to support grater success

Trying to remember the details of how ONE out of many team members has been performing consistently over time when you are busy, is difficult enough. But measuring breaks and spikes to identify factors that improve or reduce performance with all that is going on is, well, daunting. So Squadli not only makes it easy to keep track, but to know when an intervention or personal coaching is required.

Squadli Flexibility

Because if it’s not Flexible, it will not fit to your unique needs

We know that weather you have 5 team members or 40,000 employees across 80 countries, that you have unique team structures. So we have designed Squadli to let you customize it. Managers can feedback to peers, subordinates can feedback superiors, you can have one way feedback or 360֯ feedback or mixed for different teams. Create multiple levels of superiors and subordinates in your team cluster or just one. You are in control to mix and match for what makes you successful.

Squadli Team Clusters

Because if no team is an Island

Team clusters let you start with one team and expand upward and outward with your teams